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  • The X-Kernel – 2k17 event is back in GRIET with its refreshing and innovative technical ideas and is proposed to be organized on 7th and 8th of April 2017.
  • It is an annual technical event being organized by the Department of Information Technology.
  • It will host a pool of technical contests/competitions that enthrall the budding Engineers to test their mettle and enhance their skills to emerge out as fine professionals in their domain.
  • Its objective is to encourage the young and vibrant engineers in developing their instant problem solving skills and sharing innovative solutions for some of the common issues and problems.
  • It encourages participation from different Engineering Disciplines.
  • The event is a fine blend of practical skill development and innovative thinking along with fun that makes it enthusiastic for the participants.


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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

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The Team

Y J Nagendra Kumar

Faculty Coordinator


J Vikas

Student Coordinator

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